Manager Resources

(1) Medical Release Forms — 

As you know, these must be completed for every player.  Team managers should retain a copy of the medical release form for each player and should give a copy to the coach to have present at every game and practice.  Forms are here.

(2) Practices — 

As stated in a previous emails, practices begin the week of 9/2. If your team normally practices on Mondays, you may practice on Sept 2nd (Labor Day) if at least 70% of your team can make it to practice.  If less than 70% can make it, you should reschedule.

•   This 60% guideline should be used throughout the season. there will be days when school is closed (like Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, etc) and you will need to make a team decision about whether to practice on those days or not.  Any practices scheduled on Monday, September 30th, Tuesday, October 8th nd Wednesday, October 9th should be cancelled. For any other days you should poll your team. If ever your team needs to reschedule a practice, be sure to contact Kevin Landesman ( field space.  We are only permitted to use town fields on days/times for which we have a permit, so it’s important that you always contact him to find out what’s available.

•   Please review the practice schedule attached to this page, the one on the Castleford website still needs to be updated with locations.  There have been some minor field adjustments made since I last was in touch with you about your team’s practice schedule.  If you believe there to be an error, contact me right away!


 (3) Parent in Charge (PIC) — Club policy is that there must be a Parent in Charge (PIC) present at every team practice.  I recommend making this schedule yourself because every session needs coverage.  This PIC's role is to: 

•   Be present in case there is an emergency/injury.

•   Escort players to the restrooms as necessary.

•   Remain at practices until all players have been picked up.

•   Make sure the kids pick up their trash at the end of practice.

•   For teams taking a Byram Hills Activity Bus from Wampus to IBM, the PIC also needs to meet the bus and supervise the kids while they change into their uniforms.  
•   For any teams practicing at Wampus, the PIC needs to meet the kids at school, supervise them while they change and walk them to the field.  Jessica Bond will contact you with specific info regarding the established dismissal protocol for teams walking from Wampus.

(4) Uniforms — Parents should have picked up their uniforms from Soccer & Rugby. A gentle reminder would not hurt. 

•   All players are expected to wear a Castleford t-shirt, black soccer shorts and royal blue socks to practices.  

•   The game uniform consists of a blue jersey, blue shorts and blue socks.  The alternate color jersey is yellow in case there is a conflict with opposing team wearing yellow. (FYI, home team is responsible for switching in case there is a color conflict).  It is a good idea to instruct your players to always bring their alternate jersey to every game.

•   Before you distribute your uniforms, please make note of the jersey number assigned to each player.  You will need to input these into the registration system so that they print on the Line-up Form that needs to be brought to every game.  See #6 below. 

•   If you have issues with your uniforms contact Soccer & Rugby or Jessica Bond.

(5) Game Line-Up Forms & Game Photos — team managers must bring the WYSL Official Game Lineup With Photos form to the game each week (this can be done under Coaches Tool on your teams SIPlay Website).  You can add jersey numbers to this form under Coaches Tools, Manage Team Info.  Rosters are currently all in the process of being finalized.  If there are lines showing through your players’ names, then there is an issue with your roster that still needs to be resolved.  Please try to print a sample and contact me with any questions. 

(6) Corner Flags — home teams are responsible for bringing corner flags to games.  

•   Managers, please email me back to let me know if you need a set of corner flags or if you have a set from last year. 

(7) Parent “Assistant Coaches” (aka “WYSL Cardholders") — please remember that parents with “Assistant Coach” passes, do not have coaching responsibilities. They have a pass in case the team’s professional coach is late getting to a game or in the unlikely event that a professional coach is red-carded.  Parent “Assistant Coaches” are to please enjoy the game as a spectator from the parent sideline.

(8) WYSL Website — please familiarize yourself with the League's website.  This is where you will find your weekly game schedules, division standings (for U11 and up teams), sportsmanship scores, field information and more.

(9) WYSL Rules — please read the League's Rules which can be found on the WYSL website (link to rules is on the Registration/Procedures tab).  These should be updated shortly with any changes for Fall 2019.  Please pay particular attention to the sections regarding Make-Up Games, and Procedures if the Ref Doesn't Show Up. 

(10) Confirming Games — each week (by Wed), Team Managers should confirm the upcoming game with the opposing team.  Contact info for each team can be found on the WYSL website via the "Schedules" tab, or via the "Clubs" link on the left side of the home page.  You should confirm field location and jersey color and exchange cell phone numbers in case there are any game day issues. 

(11) Rain-outs and Field Pulls — soccer is played in the rain unless field conditions are unsafe.  If you are scheduled to play at home and the fields are unplayable, you will hear from me by 9AM.  You should immediately contact the opposing team's coach or manager and find out if they have a field that you can use instead.  If they do, the game should be played at the away field.  If they don't, you will need to make up the game.  If your team is scheduled to play away and you are notified by the opposing team that their field has been pulled, contact me to see if we have a home field.  If you have not been notified of any field pulls, the team should report to the assigned field as scheduled even if it is pouring and the referee will make the decision as to whether or not the game can be played. 

(12) Score Reporting/Referees —


Score reporting instructions:  

To report scores (Pin 1234): 

Referees - If you are the home team and do NOT have a referee, you need to email and copy Annette Jakubek. It should include both teams name, full division BU9-White or GU11-1 and score. 

(13) Tournaments —  several of you have asked me about tournaments.  

•   Team managers are responsible for registering teams for tournaments.  Please discuss tournaments with your team's coach before registering to (1) make sure your coach is available and (2) to get your coach's input on whether the tournament is an appropriate level for your team.

•   There are two costs associated with a tournament... (1) tournament registration fee and (2) coaching fee.  As a reminder, ONE tournament per team was included in the registration fees paid by everyone.  Castleford will reimburse managers for the registration fee up to $450 for the first tournament your team enters and will cover the coaching costs associated with that tournament (for 1/2 day or full single day tournaments only).

•   To get reimbursed for a tournament registration fee... download the reimbursement form (on the Castleford website under forms) and submit to the Castleford Treasurer (info is on the form) after the tournament has been played.  Castleford will reimburse you and will pay the coach for his/her time. 

•   For subsequent tournaments, both the tournament registration fee and the coaching fee ($250 for tournaments lasting up to 5 hours and $350 for tournaments lasting more than 5 hours) are the responsibility of the team.  This fee may be paid directly to the coach. 

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